The 8 Most Haunted Cities in the U.S.

Reading Time: 6 minutes

 Leaf peeping is one way to see a city in October. Exploring its eerie past and haunted present is another. Unlike a theatrical horror show, however, what you’ll discover here won’t make you scream—at least not right away. Rather, the experiences will creep back into your brain long after you’ve gone home, when you least expect it, like at 3 a.m., keeping you awake all night long. If you’re traveling with your family, be warned: There’s a minimum-age requirement in most of the history-based ghost tours in these popular vacation spots. Read on, if you dare.

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The 10 Most Bizarre News Stories Ever

Reading Time: 10 minutes

 Now, the mainstream media is often accused of sensationalizing stories to make them more interesting to the general public but sometimes, a story doesn’t need any help from overzealous ‘journalists’. The bizarre news stories on this list really speak for themselves. I’ve really just covered the basics in each story on this list but I’ve included links so you can read more if you find a particular story intriguing. Enjoy!

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