Truck driver has late afternoon encounter while dumping stone

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Report # 12034 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, July 3, 2005.
Truck driver has late afternoon encounter while dumping stone

YEAR: 2005
SEASON: Summer
DATE: 1st
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: Lycoming County

OBSERVED: it was July 1 2005 I drive a tri axle dump my boss ask me to deliver some stone to a remote camp he took me to the location first by pick up it was a very remote camp the next day I took a load of stone to the camp and dump it the fallowing day I took another load of stone to the location to tailgate it I went to the camp to turn around to tailgate out to the main rd. when I got out to chain my gate I had I weird feeling that something was watching me I scanned the woods nothing I went on about my work I drove out the road about 150 yards raised my box in the air the tried to trip my gate it didn’t trip then it did dumping a 2 foot pile of stone I finally got the truck into gear and started to tail gate it I went about 75 yards I didn’t have my chains set right so back up to the pile of stone that I dumped when I back around the corner there was a sin color animal on the stone it look like a 250 to300 pound bear I kept backing the back up alarm was beeping but still this animal did not look at me i got about 5or6 feet and hit my brakes it stood up most of it was behind the truck I then seen something else run across the road i went to the other mirror nothing I went back to drivers mirror the animal was gone i got out walk to the back of the truck there was nothing I scanned the woods it was gone I fix my chains and started to tailgate again to my surprise I went about 40 yards and I look in my mirror there was 2 of these animals walking upright the big one was about 8 or 9 feet tall very large reddish brown hair black face it scared me I took off went to my boss we went back up there with a couple of other people we had flash lights when we first got out of the truck we heard a high pitch whistle and hoot or howl I’ve never heard this in the woods after all I’m a avid hunter something big took off running through the woods there where foot prints in the stone we measured them the one was 17 inch’s and 7 in across the other were 10 inches we took pictures of the foot prints I thought you would like to know about this sighting i know it changed my out look on this matter I never believed in this I know what I saw it was bigfoot it will change the way I feel about the woods my guard will be up for know on thank you the animal had very hairy body black face it looked just like the picture on the home page of the web sight standing next to the man

ALSO NOTICED: there was a nasty smell to the air when I got out of the truck the first time
OTHER WITNESSES: there were witnesses to the foot prints there was 5 of us
OTHER STORIES: I found out a couple of days later that there was people who have dogs that said they been having problems with there dogs going crazy and disappearing

TIME AND CONDITIONS: it was about 430 / 500 in the evening it was day time a lot of light had no problem seeing what I saw it was a normal beautiful summer day it was 95 degrees out side

ENVIRONMENT: wooded thick veg mountainous

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Chip Beam:

Witness’ boss asked him to deliver stone to a very old campsite. The first day he was shown where the site was. It took two days to deliver the stone. One pile delivered one day and the next day’s delivery was to be spread on the road by a process called tailgating where the bed of the dump truck is hoisted into the air and the stone is gradually poured while the truck slowly moves forward. The second day was when the sighting occurred.

The witness had to go to the campsite to turn the truck around due to the width of the road. He turned the truck around and prepped it for the dumping process, during this time he felt like he was being watched as he unsecured the chains to the tailgate, but when looking into the woods he didn’t see anything. Being a hunter most of his life, the witness has never felt scared or uneasy in the woods and has hunted by himself many times. He climbed into the truck drove to the spot where he was going to start the dumping about 150 yards away. It took several tries to get the bed up and the truck into gear. This created a pile of stone about two feet high in the road. He started moving the truck but decided the chains weren’t set right and made the decision to back up to the pile of stones where he initially started. In the mirror he noticed what he thought was a cinnamon bear on the pile of stones. The witness was puzzled that the bear would not move or even look at him as he backed up because the back up alarm was blaring. About five or six feet from the pile he hit the breaks on the truck and the animal stood up on two legs. He could only see the belly of the creature and still not clearly from the effects the vibration of the truck had on the mirror. At this point the witness saw something in the mirror run across the road. He checked the passenger side mirror and saw nothing. When looking back to the driver’s mirror the other creature was gone as well.

The witness then got out of the truck and adjusted the chains. He said that most bears will run from you then turn to look back. He found it strange that he couldn’t see anything where he saw the animal run to. The trees are thick, but not thick enough to where he wouldn’t be able to see a bear that had just ran away. The witness climbed back into the truck and started the dumping process again. After about forty yards he saw two of the creatures in the driver’s side mirror. One was much bigger than the other. He estimates the creature to have been about nine feet tall because of the clearance to the height of the dump truck to the tree limbs. The truck with bed tilted made the cab protector about nine feet above the ground and it brushed a large branch of the tree. The larger creature had to duck its head to clear the same branch. The color of the fur was a red orange color that he compared to an orangutan color. He said the creature was a duplicate to the Giganto on the web site but he cold not see the face clearly because of the vibration of the mirror. The second animal, he stated, was about his height, a little over six feet tall. They paced the truck from several yards back. They had long arms and a very long stride. At this point the witness became scared and left the area so quickly he forgot to drop the bed of the truck.

When he got to the gate at the bottom he said he had to stop to collect himself for about a half-hour. At this point he went to his boss’ house. His boss said he looked as white as a ghost. He asked him to go back to the campsite with him with a firearm. As they went up he described what happened. When they got to the spot they saw footprints. The witness’ boss is a large man who wears a size thirteen boot and it was much smaller than the footprint. At this point they got another friend to come up with them. The friend told them that his buddy’s dog got loose and was never seen or heard from again. The friend’s own dog, that is quiet all the time, had raised hackles and barked into the dark woods from his porch for a half-hour the night before.

The men went to the site and measured the footprints with a tape measure. There were many prints, although many weren’t clear a couple were distinct enough for a measurement. The larger set was about seventeen inches long and deeply embedded in the loose stone. The smaller were about ten inches. The witness said his boss was not having much of an impact trying to make footprints, he estimated the boss’ weight at about 450 to 500 lbs, so they said the creature must weigh much more than him. He also said the stride between the footprints was large enough he had to leap to cover the same distance.

He said his whole outlook on the forest has changed and he will never go hunting again without constantly looking over his shoulder.

They also stated they heard whistles and a howl while looking at the area, but the sounds were not similar to the audio recordings on the site.

He has been interested in the paranormal since he was 11yrs old. He has had many experiences with both ghosts and UFO's and it has just solidified his beliefs. He set up this site to catalogue as much information about the paranormal in one location. He is the oldest of three and moved from the UK to the USA in 2001.