Two cousins spot large creature as it dashes across path

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Report # 3563 (Class A)
Submitted by witness Mike Murphy and Christopher Shearer on Wednesday, December 31, 1997.
Two cousins spot large creature as it dashes across path

YEAR: 1997
SEASON: Summer
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: Fayette County
NEAREST TOWN: Connellsville
NEAREST ROAD: Breakneck Rd.

OBSERVED: My cousin and I were riding four wheelers through the woods along Breakneck Rd. and all of the sudden a brown furry creature dashed across the path in front of us by about twenty yards or so the whole incident lasted about 3-5 seconds.

At first after we gained our wits, my cousin asked me if that was a bear, but I said it could not have been because it was around eight foot tall and running very fast on two legs.

ALSO NOTICED: About 5 days later we were walking down the same path were we had seen the creature previously it made a loud grunting sound and it had shook the bushes , which made it sound like they were in a windstorm and it was getting closer. Yes and in November we heard the same noise again.

ENVIRONMENT: The incident occurred in a deciduous forest on a slight hill about 50 yards away from a small creek in a some thick brush.

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