Upright ‘Lycan’ Petrifies Ex-Marine in Massachusetts State Forest

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“I had Dogman encounter on November 15, 2015 in October Mountain State Forest near Lee, Massachusetts. I have been an avid outdoorsman, bushcrafter, hunter, survivalist for over three decades. I have hunted all over North America, Alaska, Anticosti Island, have come across every predator cougar, black bear, brown bear, wolves, coyotes. What I saw that Sunday morning was NO bear. It was no more than 75 feet from me. I was on the tail end of a five-day solo.

I had made camp on top of a ridge about 250 feet from a river below me. It was at dawn and I made my way down to the river to retrieve some water to make coffee. The river flows hard and makes quite a bit of noise due to outcrops of rocks in middle of it. As I got closer to the water, I noticed what appeared to be a bear bent over at the water’s edge. Now the last thing you want to do is spook a bear. I carry a whistle around my neck which I blow periodically as I’m hiking for that specific reason – to alert bears that I’m coming through. So I blew the whistle. As soon as I blew the whistle, the creature’s head spun around, again I still thought it was a bear, but as its head turned its shoulders started turning with it. It was then I instantly knew it was NOT a bear! It had a canine head. It methodically got up, in no rush, it got up on its hind legs then turned completely around. I was in 1st battle Fallujah May, 2004, 2nd battalion 1st Marines and I was afraid, scared every time I went live. But adrenaline took over and I could deal with my fear. But the fear I felt that day was nothing I had ever experienced. I was frozen in fear and could not move. I had a .45 caliber sidearm on me and have drawn that gun thousands and thousands of time at the range. I could not get myself to reach for it. I was petrified. It seemed like a lifetime. It was standing there looking at me. But it was maybe less than a minute, it broke right, got down on all fours went into the bush. I stood there for maybe an hour motionless until I got the courage to move.” BB


Strange ‘Dog’

“In 2009 in Marlton, New Jersey, I was looking out my upstairs window late at night. I was going through a divorce at the time and I was looking out for when exactly he’d, my ex, would be coming home, which was usually one or two in the morning. I’ll never forget seeing what happened. It looked like a dog walking along my street. There were streetlights so it was pretty clear. I’m very familiar with a dog, or a stray dog gait, but what I saw that night was odd to me. I saw a rather large grey, long coated dog walking down the street, walking very calmly, but not like a regular dog because, to me, the gait was too slow and calm. I did not get a good look at its face but I remember I ran downstairs out my front door to get a better look. I saw it across the street continue on. I will never forget this. I have since looked up wolves online and I know what they look like but this night was different. It did not fit the traditional image of a wolf. I don’t believe in werewolves but there was something odd that night.”

Source: Cryptonormal X Podcast

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