Dog walker lady has daylight sighting of a Bigfoot

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Report # 63616 (Class A)
Submitted by witness Emily S. on Sunday, November 10, 2019.
Dog walker lady has daylight sighting of a Bigfoot in a nature preserve NW of Coolville

YEAR: 2019
MONTH: October
DATE: 10th
COUNTY: Athens County
LOCATION DETAILS: It was on our property that boarders a nature preserve [northwest of Coolville].
OBSERVED: I was walking my dog’s and, and it was getting dark. I observed my dogs smelling everything and acting like they were bred to be hunting dogs. I was talking to my dogs saying things like “what is it what do you smell?” It was then I heard a call like nothing I can describe. It sounded like kaw kaw.

My dog’s and I all stopped and froze. I looked up and said “What is that!” It was gray arms were bent at the elbows I thought perhaps there were 2 small ones with it for the fur under the arms appeared a little darker than the rest. It stood about 7 feet tall and had blue eyes that were shiny. It wasn’t fat or thin.

It looked at me and I looked at it and it shuffled it’s feet and turned into the woods. I’ve never seen anything like it or heard anything like it. I turned around with my dog’s and came home in disbelief in what had just happened.

ALSO NOTICED: Found a partial footprint a few days after incident occurred. It was leafy and the soil was like clay texture.
OTHER WITNESSES: No others just my dog’s and me.
OTHER STORIES: I personally don’t know anyone who has seen or heard anything like this.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was dusk. It had just started getting dark. The sighting was between 6:30-6:45. There were leaves on the ground and the weather was dry.
ENVIRONMENT: The incident happened in our woods. My husband mows paths and I walk my dog’s on them almost daily. The area where the Bigfoot turned into the woods leads up to a ridge top. There is a small creek at this entrance as well.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Russ Jones:

This photo above shows the location where the sighting occurred, from the position where it was seen. The red annotation shows where it was standing.

I have talked to this witness at length several times. The family lives on 28 acres adjoining a state nature preserve northwest of Coolville. Her husband has mowed a path for her that she walks each day at the same time. She had never seen anything previously but noted that she usually sees the same animals each walk (rabbits, deer, etc.) and had said to her husband that she wondered where they all were the last 3 weeks.

Prior to this experience she had no opinion concerning Bigfoot and never really thought of the subject. When questioned further she once again mentioned that she had the impression that the Bigfoot was carrying a smaller animal by the way it’s arms were positioned. She couldn’t say with any certainty as it could have been something else.

The sound the animal made was similar to “Ke Kaw Kaw”.

She said that about a week after the sighting she noticed a return of all the normal animals. In addition, the witness and teenage daughter had walked back a couple of days later and that’s when they found a possible print. When they approached the area they noticed a horrible smell and stench and the daughter believed she saw a Bigfoot watching them when they were there and asked the mother to leave.

See report above from info about this track photo.

I found this witness compelling and believable. I have taken several reports in the general area. It’s below the glaciated line in Southeastern Ohio. Many fields in the creek and river bottoms filled with rich soil. The hills are hardwood that in places is remote and unpopulated.

I speculate that she showed up at a time walking that was unusual for her and caught the Bigfoot off guard. I also believe that they had been in the area for about 3 weeks or so, as evidenced by game being gone, and moved on about a week after the sighting. It’s common for Bigfoot to vary in color and there have been several reports of varying eye color.

I have included pictures of where the sighting occurred, where their land adjoins the preserve. I also have included the picture of the reported footprint. While interesting, it’s inconclusive. The track is compelling due to the story surrounding how it came to be found. Like about 60% of all Bigfoot sightings this one occurred during the daylight.

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