Motorist sighting on Hwy 169 between Paola and Osawatomie

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Report # 63795 (Class A)
Submitted on Monday, December 16, 2019.
Motorist sighting on Hwy 169 between Paola and Osawatomie

YEAR: 1994
SEASON: Winter
MONTH: November
STATE: Kansas
COUNTY: Miami County
LOCATION DETAILS: Near intersecting property fences. Country. Not far from the sanitation department and the old Ron Olsen’s car dealership.
OBSERVED: I was headed home from work at around 11pm or later. I remember it was a bit on the cool side. I believe it was late fall or early winter. I was not far from the old sanitation department off the highway when I caught with my headlights a large upright creature that straddled the fence without missing a beat.

The fence was near a ditch and the fence was still about 4 feet high. The closest homes were only about a half mile down the road. This was mostly intersecting fields.

A blonde bigfoot is the closest I can get to describing what I saw that night. It made me so scared that it took hours to calm down when getting back to an empty house.

I grew up on the farm and love hiking to this day. I am very observant and in my life I have seen more than a few mountain lions, white squirrels and even a black deer…so I pay attention and get out a lot. I have never been able to convince myself it was anything else. It was upright and appeared to be a dark blonde color in my headlights and very fast.

ALSO NOTICED: What is unusual is its light color, its speed, it being upright and generally nothing scares me. This scared me to death. Thank goodness it was running the opposite direction as my home.
OTHER STORIES: There were some who reported bear sightings that was never proven.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Carter Buschardt:

I had a nice phone conversation with the witness. This area is quite close to me actually. I am quite familiar with the area. Mixed rural Kansas farmland with fairly flat landscapes. Lots of creeks, rivers and some marshlands.

She was about 17-18 in 1994 when the sighting happened. She was driving home as stated about 11-11:15pm south on Hwy 169 from Paola towards Osowatomie KS. The old sanitation plant was more towards Osowatomie and the highway is 2 lanes each direction. The exact intersection was Cedar Niles Rd & 169 Highway.

As she was going south, it ran across the road from east to west. It was already moving when she saw it, and she had slowed down just a bit because of a slight curve in the road. It was walking in a hurried fashion but not running. It never looked her way. It just “walked over the fence in stride, never missing a beat.”

The fences around here, barbed wire, are a pretty much standard 4 ft. in height. The creature was nearly twice that height, so 7.5 to 8 ft. She did not recall any specific physical traits other than it was “very tall, very fast and walking in a nearly total upright position.” It was not bent or hunched over. It all happened within a 3-5 second span.

She grew up on a farm and is familiar with the usual and customary wildlife. She knew what “it wasn’t, a bear or anything else in the Kansas family tree of animals”. She decided to report it after her fear of potential ridicule subsided and she wanted to tell her story.
She is a good solid witness and is now quite intrigued as to the makeup of these creatures. I assured her that there is a lot more activity in Kansas than one would imagine and she will be paying a bit more attention during her hikes in the woods.


Supplemental note from Matt Moneymaker:

Why would a bigfoot be in this area at this time? This question can be asked of so many sightings, especially in the midwest in areas where there’s no large tracts of forest or swamps around. The answer is deer — the staple protein sources of bigfoots. There are lots of deer in Kansas. Deer cross highways. Predators will follow them.

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