Road crossing sighting 3mi north of Columbia Gorge

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Report # 65295 (Class A)
Submitted by witness Cathy B. on Wednesday, April 8, 2020.
Road crossing sighting 3mi north of Columbia Gorge, south of Willard

YEAR: 2020
SEASON: Winter
MONTH: January
STATE: Washington
COUNTY: Skamania County
LOCATION DETAILS: near the town of Willard WA… Willard road almost to the junction of cook underwood rd.
NEAREST ROAD: Willard rd.
OBSERVED: I was driving down Willard Rd around 5pm as I came around the last right hand corner looking toward the straight away to the junction with cook- underwood road. I saw a black object in the road….I thought its was a bear and the largest bear I have ever seen…it took up the whole left lane of the road…and it was huge…it looked like the butt was raised up…I .figured it could be a 6 hundred lb. bear ( in my mind)…then I saw this commotion going on like something moving up and down….. all black… a bear will run or lumber across the road… the time I thought I have never seen a bear do this… I thought this could be several deer or elk walking in the road… I was confused about all of the motion going on….then as it approached the creature and the creature approached the edge of the bank… it popped up… I yelled out “its a man!” “what is a man doing out here in the woods this time of nite”… it stepped onto the bank and walked into the woods… as my mind was trying to figure out what I saw… I saw the whole body and the head… the right leg stepped onto the bank… left arm back…no hat no coat no clothes, there was no snout or ears like a bear…yes a conical head, tall, arms longer…legs bulky…my headlights lit it up….by the time I passed it it had disappeared into the woods and by the time I reached cook-underwood road about 600 feet…I knew what I saw but was still trying to process it… I went back on Sunday to see if I could see prints but it had rained hard all nite and I saw no prints… I still see the creature in my mind….

later as my mind was processing what I saw I knew it had to be arms and legs going up and down as it crossed the road and also it was actually crawling….then stood up by the bank but it was so fast it like popped up… still hard for me to believe what I saw but I believe it was a Sasquatch… I also now believe as I approached it when my headlights came upon it… it turned back towards the headlights and scrunched its face because the headlights were in its eyes… then turned and faced into the woods and walked off.

OTHER WITNESSES: just me….driving in the woods
OTHER STORIES: yes…vocalization and some visual by hemlock wind river area
TIME AND CONDITIONS: 5:00 pm dark in the tree canopy….long stretch of road view from Willard rd. to cook- underwood rd. had more light
ENVIRONMENT: large acreage of timber company land with no vehicle entrance except by special permission

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Matthew Moneymaker:

Report # 65295

I spoke with the witness for over an hour. She doesn’t want me to publicize which federal forest management agency she works for but your first guest will likely be correct. She works in the GPS division and spends much time driving around this part of Washington.

She has seen all types of large mammals in the northwest. She is quite certain that what she saw was not one of them — not a bear, not an elk or deer, etc.

It was late in the afternoon but still enough light to see the figure in the road from the distance. The figure appeared to be on all fours as it crossed the road. As she got closer to it stood up and walked into the forest like a man.

Sasquatches can walk and even run on all fours. They have longer arms and shorter legs, proportionally, than humans. The mid-tarsal flex of their feet, as long noticed in footprint casts, undoubtedly helps them in this stance as well.

Report # 65295

When the creature was in the road on all fours its body was roughly the length of a road lane width. She guess the animal had to be at least seven feet tall when it stood up and walked away. She could see an arm and leg and its head clearly as it stepped up the bank and walked into the forest. That’s why she is so certain that it was not a bear.

There are power lines nearby, just to the north. The Little White Salmon River is just to the west of the location.

Cathy mentioned that she was driving more slowly than usual right before her sighting because she often sees deer and elk in this area. She was concerned about a collision. Hence, there’s likely a concentration of deer and elk is this area, roughly near the intersection of the power line cut and Little White Salmon River. That could explain why there would be a sasquatch in this area. Sasquatches are predators. They shadow herds of large ungulates like deer and elk. That is the main factor determining where they go.

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