The FULL Story of the Man-Eating Lions of Tsavo

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Posted 7 months ago

This is my retelling of one of the most fascinating wildlife conflicts in history. The Lions of Tsavo. I know it is a little off topic from what I normally do, but it’s been one of my favorite verified historical accounts for years now. Plus with my Illustrator, (Fred Dunn of DreadFun) I couldn’t help myself. Though I’m first to admit, this video spiraled out of control a bit. I wish I had more time to spend on editing and reviewing, but I simply cannot dedicate any more time to this, as I have an exciting October fast approaching.

Bob Gymlan
Sep 24, 2019

People have grown skeptical of J.H. Patterson’s account, but I try to prove that his numbers and retelling of events is more conservative than you may think.
A few additional notes, I’m already preparing for people to tell me “that’s not how it happened!” but please note, all the information regarding the narrative comes from Patterson’s autobiography of the events. Therefore, if something doesn’t match up to what you have seen (from Hollywood,) please understand that I’m not wrong, I utilized only the first hand account.
I also used Patterson’s words for things now called other things. For example, Tsavo River is no longer called that. And we know lions don’t have “tusks” but that’s what Patterson calls the lion’s teeth.

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